one time my religion teacher who has a monobrow asked me “what the hell did you do to your hair?” because i had a blonde streak through it and i said “what the hell did you do to your eyebrow” and he sent me outside

when i came back in he asked everyone what monotheism was and i said it meant a religion that worshiped one god because mono means one as in monobrow and he sent me out again

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 Untitled (by Olga Mazur-Tkachuk)

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doctor-senpai: Julie, you need to project more confidence when you speak. You know your stuff!
me: I know...It's just difficult for me to feel confident when I don't have the experience to back up my decisions.
doctor-senpai: Ah, I get you. Yeah, it all comes with time. It actually wasn't until recently that I started feeling confident about interpreting imaging.
me: Oh that's great because I had a question about this MRI. I'm still waiting for the official read but--
doctor-senpai: Nope.
me: Huh?
doctor-senpai: I'm confident I can't read that.
me: But I thought you just said--
doctor-senpai: Can't read it. Very confident.
me: ...confident...
doctor-senpai: Very.
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"Fuck You, Old People" — Group Piece at CUPSI 2014

"By the way, you can’t actually pick yourself up by your own bootstraps. That’s now how physics works."


this gives me life….

"Act your fucking age" god damn, this has a good message here.

39 seconds in and I reblogged it

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News Anchor in my area loses it over a Fat Cat that likes to swim.

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please just watch this

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Music Bank 131220
한상혁닷컴 do not edit

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セレニティ by sizh on pixiv

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B1A4 - Solo Day
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i don’t understand why ppl have such issues with plastic surgery?? like it’s not your face, it’s their’s?? and maybe it’s considered “fake” but as all of you chauvinists say “it’s what’s inside that matters” so why do you give a damn?? last i checked silicone didn’t affect inner personality or talent?? just why do you care?? it’s the dumbest argument ever??

i mean, they’re out there doing what they love with confidence and receiving support and you’re sitting behind a computer trying to pathetically justify why you hate certain people so who’s really fake here

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Beltaine - Rockhill

I was at their concert yesterday, but few days before, when I told my friends about it, they were all like ‘Ewww Irish music is so boring, how could you go at something like that!’.

Tell me it’s boring. Listen to this and tell me that in the face.

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you, tear me up when you say you wanna take it all away.

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